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In Carinthia, Innovation & Research are of fundamental importance.

An essential part is the promotion and networking of the research institutions that drive the further development of the location.

Green & Digital Research Map

The "Green&Digital Research Map Carinthia" provides an overview of research institutions as well as companies, which research and develop in Carinthia on the topic of "Digitalisation" and "Sustainability".

The map understands itself as a compass for better orientation in
Carinthia´s research ecosystem. Within the two clusters "Green" and "Digital", the assigned units and their key areas are listed. Additionally, the particular research areas can be found.

"Intermediaries and Multipliers" include supporting and infrastructure-providing networks and organisations.


1. Introduction

2. Intermediaries & Multiplier

3. Digital

4. Green

Intermediaries & Multipliers

Research and education at the highest international level also need the necessary framework conditions and a functioning infrastructure in order to be successful in the long term. This also requires institutions that provide support, infrastructure and networking.  Below you will find an overview of the most important institutions & networks in the Carinthian research landscape.


Digitisation is not only a central factor for the development of Carinthia as a business location, but also as a research and education hub. Following, an overview of the institutions and companies as well as their specific research fields on the topic of digitalization. Research is being conducted in four thematic areas, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things and Automation.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
IoT, Sensors, Semiconductor Industry 
IT-Security, Collaborative Systems and Networks 
Communicaton Technologies and Computer Systems 


Sustainability plays a major role in Carinthia's research landscape. A large number of institutions and companies are active in the field of environment and sustainability. This ranges from the topic of mobility to climate-sensitive regional development to the area of Climate Change and Biodiversity. Find the right research partner for your projects in the overview below.

Green Mobility
Green Heating and Electricity
Climate-sensitive Regional Development
Climate Change and Biodiversity
Circular Economy
Sustainable Industry
Sustainable Construction 

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