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Unite for Inspiration, Collaborate for Innovation! 

An Event for pioneering ideas on the Twin Transition in Carinthia. Together with the state of Carinthia, we present inspiring talks, interactive group sessions, and a strong network. Dive into groundbreaking topics on digitalization and sustainability, and establish useful contacts between research institutions, cooperation partners, and organizations.
Join us to build the future!

Date: 28 November 2023
Location: Lakeside Science&Technology Park GmbH / Lakeside Spitz B11 

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CARINTHIA talks...

Come along for a captivating panel discussion and a series of thought-provoking talks, featuring prominent figures from the realms of business, research, and technology. They'll be sharing their insights into the cutting-edge developments that are shaping the future.

Discover how Carinthia has emerged as a hub for creativity and innovation, and uncover the inspiring success stories that define this distinctive ecosystem.

Taking the stage will be:

Land Kärnten

 Infineon Technologies Austria AG

Ortner Group

NeedNect Solutions GmbH

FH Kärnten

 Universität Klagenfurt

Christoph Holz...

...the master of making sustainable digital futures sound like a thrilling adventure. Through his ingenious thought experiments, he unveils the bigger picture and showcases how it all hits home for each and every one of us.

As a computer scientist and aerospace engineer with two decades of experience as an IT entrepreneur and technology investor spanning from Australia to Singapore, he serves up digital insights in logical future scenarios. He's a sought-after speaker at events like CeBit, TEDx, and Google in California, and you might recognize him as a TV expert on channels such as Sat1, RTL, and N-TV.


Impulse Talk: Dr. Susanne Meyer...

...since 2021, she has been working at the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation, and Technology, where she is responsible for driving the implementation of a transformative innovation policy and the introduction of missions. Her expertise lies in making innovation policy align with the Twin Transition by implementing a holistic policy approach and fostering a learning administration. She achieves this through the development of new technologies and system innovations and by strengthening innovation communities.
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CARINTHIA researches... 

Collaborative Research & Economic Growth... Carinthia's Innovative World Café-style Group Sessions.
Secure your spot and be part of the transformation!

In addition, the Research and Science Council will be represented on site with a themed table to offer the opportunity to network and exchange ideas.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH ROBOTICS develops practical solutions for flexible digitised production. These range from functional modelling and simulation to cost-effective assessments and system implementation. The focus is on performance optimisation and a valid robot safety assessment.

CARINTHIA connects... 

Collaborate and Network Together – the Key to Innovation Success in Carinthia!

5G Playground

The 5G Playground Carinthia is a 5G test laboratory for research and development of 5G applications, products, processes, and applications. The 5G Playground is open to anyone who wants to test 5G products and applications under optimal 5G conditions.

Consultation services include:

  • Explanation of public 5G networks vs. 5G campus networks
  • Information about 5G campus networks
  • Benefits for your own company
  • Initial consultation on the feasibility within your own company
  • Testing opportunities in the 5G Playground



Coding School Wörthersee

The Coding School Wörthersee trains specialized professionals in Mobile Development and native App Development through 6-month intensive courses. The Coding Academy offers training to employees from various companies on different topics such as App Development, Web Development, Programming Languages, Project Management, and more.


The DIH SÜD is a competence network that supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their digital transformation through expertise, networking, and infrastructure. The goal is to increase productivity and quality sustainably, accelerate growth, and ensure competitiveness through concrete implementation projects within the company.

FH Kärnten

LCA Logistik Center Austria Süd

LCA Logistics Center Austria South - Competence Centre for Logistics in Carinthia

The location and development agency LCA Logistics Center Austria South GmbH (LCAS), 100% publicly owned, was established in 2017 and is dedicated to the targeted development of the Fürnitz location, the entire logistics location in Carinthia, and the cooperation of companies in the fields of transport, logistics, and mobility. LCAS also serves as the central brand for the location, acting as a neutral coordination, information, and communication platform for the logistics location in Carinthia.

Services include:

  • Providing information about the logistics location in Carinthia and the logistics hub 'Logistik Center Austria Süd' (LCA-Süd) in Fürnitz.
  • International investor services, including assistance with business settlements and expansions, such as finding suitable offices, production and warehouse spaces, and commercial land. It also involves consultation and connections to legal and tax experts, banks, information and coordination of financing and grants, assistance with regulatory processes and approval procedures, and coordination of personnel recruitment.
  • Logistics Career Center Carinthia: They support you in finding logistics personnel through their online career portal and promote your job openings through their social media channels.
  • And much more...
Austrian Business Agency

The Austrian Business Agency (ABA) is the Austrian location agency. As a subsidiary of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economics (BMAW), we make Austria internationally attractive to companies and professionals and provide support to international film productions. The INVEST in AUSTRIA team advises international entrepreneurs who want to establish themselves in Austria, both before and during the founding process. Our service is free and confidential.


The build! Gründerzentrum is a competence, support, and development center for innovative, technology-oriented startups in Carinthia. As an incubator, we provide consulting services related to entrepreneurial initiatives (business model development, funding, business development), infrastructure (digital services, offices, and coworking spaces in Klagenfurt and Villach), as well as accesss to wide network of mentors, industry partners, and investors.

Silicon Alps Cluster

We bring together players from industry, research, academia to develop and position the Austrian electronics sector internationally with a regional focus. Thus providing a regional base for international visibility, the cluster regards itself as a long-term strategic alliance and a tool for cooperative and business-oriented location development 

Service Offerings:

  • Access to the expertise of the network and the opportunity to contribute one's knowledge
  • Access to funding opportunities and project development
  • Human Capital Development

University of Klagenfurt

The Faculty of Technical Sciences at the University of Klagenfurt encompasses Computer Science, Information Technology, Mathematics/Statistics, and their respective Didactics. Key areas of focus include Networked and Autonomous Systems, Multiple Perspectives in Optimization, and Intelligent and Reliable Software Systems.

Service Offerings:

  1. Networked and Embedded Systems (Embedded communication systems, Mobile systems, Pervasive computing, Smart grids)
  2. Smart Systems Technologies (Control of networked systems, Sensors, actuators, and modular robotics, Transportation informatics)
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Business Informatics
  5. Cybersecurity
  6. Informatics Systems (Database engineering, Interactive systems, Software engineering)
  7. Information Technology (Distributed systems, Multimedia)
  8. Mathematics (Discrete mathematics, Dynamical systems, Inverse problems, Optimization)
  9. Stochastics (Bayesian statistics, Stochastic processes)
  10. Didactics of Mathematics and Informatics




The Arbeitsmarktservice (AMS) is the leading service provider in the Austrian labor market. They connect job seekers with open positions and support the self-initiative of job seekers and companies through counseling, information, qualification, and financial assistance.


The FFG is the Austrian funding agency for research, development, and innovation in the business sector.

Service Offerings:

  • We assist you in finding the most suitable funding program for your needs.
  • We explain the typical process of a funded project and provide information about other helpful initiatives and services.

Green Tech Valley Cluster

The Green Tech Valley Cluster supports its 300 partners with industry expertise and a range of services. The goal is to sustainably strengthen the position of companies and research institutions in southern Austria and expand their technology and market leadership in the field of energy and environmental technology on an international scale, actively driving forward forward-thinking innovations.

For companies, startups, and research institutions in the Green Tech Valley, we are the point of contact for green growth:

  • Network events: Green Tech Innovators Club, Green Tech Valley Cluster reception, company visits.
  • Workshops: Solution Group Battery Recycling, Green Tech Summer, CEO Circle, Research & Development Circle.
  • Diverse tools: Green Transformation Cards, Green Transformation Map, Green Tech Radars, Data Service Cards, CO2 Tool-Kit for Climate Pioneers, Green Tech Funding Map.
  • Management of EFRE-funded projects: Green Tech Top Runner Carinthia 2023+, Green Tech Top Runner Styria 2023-25, Green Startupmark.

Industriellenvereinigung Kärnten

The Industrial Association Carinthia is the voluntary and independent representative body of the industry and related sectors. It ensures that the concerns of industrial companies, especially in professional, operational, and economic aspects, are represented as effectively as possible and, therefore, closely collaborates with the national and European networks.


The Kunststoff-Cluster (KC) is an interdisciplinary network within the plastics sector. We initiate, promote, and coordinate successful collaborations among companies. Serving as an interface between partner companies, research institutions, and decision-makers, we also advocate for improved conditions for the plastics industry in Austria.

Service Offerings:

  • Networking with cooperation partners (along the value chain).
  • Initiating and coordinating innovation projects.
  • Organizing events of various formats.
  • Media presence for your company.
  • Exchange of experiences and platforms.


The KWF is an institution of the Carinthia region dedicated to promoting economic development. With enthusiasm and expertise, we support businesses and institutions in the Carinthian economy. We foster high-quality, resource-efficient growth, innovations, and collaborations.

Our service portfolio includes:

  • Monetary support for business projects with specific thematic focuses and across various industries.
  • Initiating and supporting development projects.
  • Providing financing solutions.
  • Advising on accessing federal and EU programs.

For our target groups:
New businesses

  • Business settlements
  • Start-ups

Sustainable existing businesses

  • With international orientation
  • With innovation capacity
  • With potential for new business models
  • Focused on sustainable growth

Carinthian institutions with a high-quality influence on the innovation ecosystem.

Lakeside Park

The Park is a platform for collaboration between companies and university institutes in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). It is a hub for interdisciplinary research and development, education, production, and services.

As part of "Carinthia innovates," we offer a guided tour of the Park.


At TINAA, the Timber Innovation Network Alpe Adria, we promote and connect forestry, industry, trade, craftsmanship, education, and research in the field of wood to ensure future readiness, continuous improvement, and innovative thinking together.

TINAA is where the future resides.

In TINAA, we bring together diverse stakeholders, provide impetus for further development, generate knowledge for the future, and thereby create new opportunities for the timber industry and beyond.


  • Targeted industry training
  • Business network in the Alpe Adria region
  • Awareness raising
  • Advocacy for the wood value chain




We assist our members in identifying opportunities and potentials and in developing, promoting, protecting, and marketing innovations (products, services, technologies, business models).


  1. Initial consultation and referrals to further innovation and technology offerings.

  2. What financing and funding opportunities are available for research and development and for the implementation of innovations?

  3. Networking and events related to innovation and technology (events and webinars on current innovation and technology topics, innovation workshops, AI event series).

  4. Information and publications on innovation and technology.

  5. Sustainability check.

  6. Services for startups (Kickstarter program, service offerings for startups).

CARINTHIA located... 

Lakeside Science & Technology Park GmbH
Lakeside Spitz B11
9020 Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

Due to our strong commitment to sustainability at the event, we also warmly encourage you to choose an eco-friendly mode of transportation. 

Public Transportation: 

  • From Heiligengeistplatz (City Center) or Klagenfurt Main Train Station:

    Direct connections with lines C, 6 oder 8

  • From Klagenfurt West S-Bahn Station:

    Direct connection with line C to Lakeside Park und der Alpen-Adria-University 

Route Map Lakeside Park

Overview Map Lakeside Park

Programm und Details als PDF 

Übersichtsplan Lakeside Park

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